Surface coating expertise for rolls

Metal 7 acquired its first thermal spraying technologies in 1978 (HVOF, electric twin-arc and plasma spraying equipment). Right away we concentrated our research on the development of our own applications for local customers : large corporations operating iron ore mines and processing plants and pulp and paper mills.

In consultation with their maintenance groups, the major consumption of rollers for their balling line roller screens stood out as an interesting application for thermal spray coatings.


How thermal spray coating works

The selected coating alloy in solid form is introduced in a heat source and sprayed on a surface in the form of liquefied particles.  The particles hit the surface at high velocity and solidified forming a coating layer by layer just like a painting process.


Coating technologies

Metal 7 has at its disposal several thermal spraying technologies.  They give us the flexibility to spray all kinds of material and to adapt the coating properties to the application.



Various materials are employed. This could be one of the following materials or a blend of two or more:


Surface finish

It is not common for coated parts to be delivered to a customer with its as-sprayed coating. In 99 % of cases, the coating should be machined, ground or polished to get the desired surface finish.


Protective coatings for balling line and feeder line roller screen rolls

In the particular case of the rollers for roller screens/feeders, the features of the coating are the following:


Material for the construction of the rolls might be carbon steel or stainless steel for the M7-C21 option.  However, the two other options would only be applied on corrosion resistant tubes.



Metal 7, a partnership that lasts

Metal 7 is one of Canada's biggest players in the metallic and ceramic coating field. Thanks to its leading expertise, the company stands out from its competitors by proposing extremely sophisticated, high-performance solutions. This competitive edge allows the company to thrive on the international market. The products manufactured in its workshops are used in nearly fifty plants in 20 countries, on all five continents. Metal 7 exports over 70% of its annual production outside Canada.

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