Reciprocating and shuttle belt conveyor family

In an iron ore pelletizing plant, after the balling operation the green pellets are moved to the grate feeding station on a network of belt conveyors. At the end of this network, when they reach the roller feeder for the final screening procedure and discharge on the grate, a spreading mechanism is used to form a uniform layer of pellets on a belt conveyor, the wide belt conveyor, which has more or less the same width as the roller feeder.

We found three different mechanisms in the industry for the spreading of the pellets on the wide belt conveyor:

•    An oscillating belt conveyor;

•    A shuttle belt conveyor;

•    A reciprocating belt conveyor.

Metal 7 offers two of them, the shuttle belt conveyor and the reciprocating belt conveyor. The oscillating belt conveyor is not an efficient system for the layout of pellets and is not an option we offer.

Our designs of such pellets distribution systems make them very flexible and easy to install in any existing plant. They give an increased accuracy, higher availability and lower CAPEX and OPEX for the customer in comparison with other equipment available on the market. Combining them with Metal 7’s roller feeder would mean a very efficient furnace feeding station, much better pellet bed permeability and pellet profile on the grate with higher energy efficiency and productivity for the overall pelletizing line.


Shuttle belt conveyor

The shuttle belt conveyor is offered for plant having a straight line configuration (the pellets come from the balling dept. in a straight line, or same axis, with indurating furnace). The reciprocating belt conveyor is a more suitable solution for plants with an “L” shape, meaning the conveyor brining the pellets from the balling dept. is perpendicular to the induration furnace axis.


Reciprocating belt conveyor

A reciprocating belt conveyor gives the most efficient layout, therefore, it would be considered for all plant configurations.  Under certain circumstances, it might also be possible to use a reciprocating belt conveyor for straight line layout plant.  Our engineering dept. has the ability to assess that possibility. 

View our reciprocating technology video

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