Furnace car family

Pallet cars make up the the travelling grate moving the pellets inside the furnace. The cars are made up of several parts. The cars will see intense heat in the main firing zones (up to 1350 deg. C) and cold air will go through them in the cooling zone. Special materials are required for manufacturing the car’s part to withstand the high temperature and the thermal cycling they are exposed to.

Metal 7 offers a variety of parts thanks to its association with modern foundries specialized on high temperature alloys.

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Pallet cars are used in straight grate travelling grate indurating furnace to convey the pellets through the different firing zones.

Most of pallet cars parts are made of costly high temperature stainless steel alloys.  They are custom made for each plant requirements.  Planners and purchase department have to follow closely their inventory and their upcoming needs to cope with the very long deliveries from the foundries producing the castings.  Main producers are now located in Asia which extends even further the deliveries.

It is common for plants to stock important quantity of those castings to compensate the long lead-time associated with new orders.

Quality in the metallurgy and the chemistry of the cast parts varies a lot on the market.

The performance in service and the life of the parts would fluctuate considerably with the variation in quality. Unfortunately, the impact of the casting flaws will take time to appear in service delaying the implementation of solutions.

The challenge for the pelletizing plants is to identify a reliable source for the castings, one that would provide high quality parts, a consistency in the quality with reasonable delivery time.


Metal 7 has developed a network of partners producing high quality castings and pallet car parts. We supply components which contribute to extend the performance and life cycle of pallet cars.

In the service we offer to our pelletizing plant customers, we specifically address the following concerns:

-    Quality products in manufacturing, chemistry and metallurgy;

-    Faster delivery;

-    We take care of the logistics to deliver the goods to you;

-    Strategic partnership agreement are considered with favorable payment terms and solutions to your stocking/storage problems (for instance with consignment at your warehouse after hours);

-    Valuation of your scrap material through recuperation of used/worn castings. 


Our solutions for your pellet cars contributes to:

-    Decreasing your “total ownership cost” for pallet car parts;

-    We take care of logistics for you. Your people are able to focus on other more strategic tasks;

-    We give better value for your scrap material (castings).  That has a positive impact on the environment.