Vacuum disc filter family

Two packages are offered with the vacuum disc filters :

The main filter features are the same with both packages.  The filters come with the optimized filtering area, with the larger filtrate tubes and with the improved air flow design. 

However, extras are provided with the high performance package which are extending the life of key components and enhancing the abrasion resistance, and thus the long term sealing of the filter.  The high performance version improves even further the availability and the performance over a longer period of time of the vacuum disc filter.

Main features and/or differences (differences are highlighted in red) of the filter with the two different packages:

1 - The basic package;

2 - The high performance package.

Note: Metal 7 would also consider including only some of the above features of the high performance package in its offer, in order to reduce costs, the customer so desires.


Both packages would provide similar filtering capacity and moisture consistency. However, the high performance package would maintain filter efficiency for a longer period of time lowering further the maintenance and operation costs on the long term.

It is possible to retrofit the high performance package items on any given Metal 7 filters and even on others originally supplied by competitors. Our engineering team would be pleased to investigate this possibility on request.