Aluminum industry

Liquid metals are very corrosive and attack equipment or parts that come in contact with them. In some cases, parts operate only for few minutes.

Solutions are required to extend their service life.   Thermal spray coatings offer a range of cost-effective solutions to the industry for liquid metal corrosion. 

Metal 7 has been very active in developing resistant coatings for liquid metals in the last years.  Its location in the province of Quebec where several large aluminum smelters operate, and the presence of the large plant of Aluminerie Alouette only 30 kilometers away from Metal 7, have definitely contributed to this specific effort on development of liquid metal abrasion solutions.

The focus of Metal 7 has been on two main coating families for the liquid metal applications:

1-    Solutions for parts exposed to liquid aluminum;
2-    Solutions for parts exposed to liquid cast iron.

Parts exposed to liquid aluminium

Liquid aluminum attacks metal parts.  It also progressively builds up on the part surface.  The deterioration of the metal component and the...

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Exposed parts to cast iron

Liquid cast iron is also used in Aluminum smelter to seal/attach the large anodes on their support (support is called “hexapodes”). Small...

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Other aluminium industry solutions

Metal 7 also developed many other protective coatings which are used on different parts encountered in the production of aluminum.

The table...

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Metal 7, a partnership that lasts

Metal 7 is one of Canada's biggest players in the metallic and ceramic coating field. Thanks to its leading expertise, the company stands out from its competitors by proposing extremely sophisticated, high-performance solutions. This competitive edge allows the company to thrive on the international market. The products manufactured in its workshops are used in nearly fifty plants in 20 countries, on all five continents. Metal 7 exports over 70% of its annual production outside Canada.

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