Other primary industries

The protective coating families developed in-house are also appropriate to addresses many other operational or maintenance problems found in other industries than the main ones targeted by Metal 7 (iron ore pelletizing plants or aluminum smelters).

Most of the coatings for liquid aluminum or liquid cast iron are valid for other sectors handling liquefied metals. For instance, foundries and steel works also face the same problem of degradation of their tools and parts exposed to the melted metals.  

Metal 7’s history , however is linked more with the primary sector. Its location in Canada, where the economy is largely supported by the exploitation of natural resources has a lot to do with this orientation.

Therefore, solutions through coatings have been promoted by Metal 7 with other primary sector industries including:

-    Mining operations;

-    Pulp and paper;

-    Saw mills;

-    Energy / Hydroelectric Power plant;

-    Etc.

In all cases, the objectives of the protective coatings could be summarized as follows:  An improvement of the part surface characteristics to upgrade its productivity and resistance against its environment.  

Although coatings are also commonly used just for rebuilding worn surfaces, for instance a worn bearing journal on a shaft, Metal 7 always tries to use a better material for rebuilding those areas. Rebuilt products repaired at a fraction of the replacement cost of a new unit will be superior, and have even higher resistance in those strategic areas than the new part.


Metal 7, a partnership that lasts

Metal 7 is one of Canada's biggest players in the metallic and ceramic coating field. Thanks to its leading expertise, the company stands out from its competitors by proposing extremely sophisticated, high-performance solutions. This competitive edge allows the company to thrive on the international market. The products manufactured in its workshops are used in nearly fifty plants in 20 countries, on all five continents. Metal 7 exports over 70% of its annual production outside Canada.

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