Mission and values


Metal 7 designs and manufactures high performance equipment generating improvement of the processes and increase of the overall productivity for its international customers.



To be recognized by the primary sector as the strategic partner of choice for the ongoing improvement of industry processes.




- In our human resources;
- In our technologies;
- In our processes, health and safety;
- In our work


- For all individuals;
- For laws and regulations;
- For the environment;
- For our clients, our partners and shareholders;
- For our organization, its processes and constraints.

Team work

- Leadership through skills, passion and commitments;
- Acceptance of differences and mistakes;
- Oriented on initiatives, innovation and results;

Clients first

- Clients are our sole reason to exist;
- They stimulate us to surpass ourselves and to develop better solutions.


- We say what we do and we do what we say;
- No room for excuses, we focus on deliveries and meeting deadlines.


- Do what must be done;
- Take on the challenges;
- Do not postpone decisions;


- In the development of the solutions and products;
- In our processes;
- In the way we are and the way we work.