New products

Innovation is part of Metal 7’s DNA


Our innovation culture

•    Creativity and solutions driven culture for over 40 years ; 

•    Creativity everywhere: in our products, in our manufacturing processes, in our way of doing business etc.;

•    R&D: Focus in increasing the productivity of our customers’ operations;

•    Our innovations are disruptive innovations with major ($$$$$$$) impact on productivity and cost;

•    Maintain close contact with customers and industry providers;

•    Be the first, not the follower, Develop new solutions needed by the market. Support sales with strong business cases;

•    We are able to provide custom technical documentation to support expected gains.  Several business cases are available.  They help our clients demonstrates the fast return on investment to their superiors and finance departments;

•    Commercially innovative. Able to provide performance guarantee when appropriate. Able to participate in the risk sharing. Able to finance new project up to 365 days. Able to find solutions to act locally.


Our R&D initiatives ideas originate from our clients and our sales organization. The following criteria guide our decision in the selection of the projects.

1.    Exclusive products;

2.    Solution oriented toward protecting coatings;

3.    Significant volume/quantity;

4.    Market focused on key customers;

5.    Oriented in the primary industry; 

6.    Compatible with existing production and research capabilities of Metal;

The complete development process is structured and periodically reviewed by its strategic development committee.  Gates with go/no go decisions are implemented after each phase for the project to proceed further.  This ensures that resources are allocated only toward viable projects for Metal 7 and its customers.


New products developed by Metal 7 R&D / Engineering group:

- Reciprocating belt conveyor;

- High pressure burner model 500L;

- Version 6.0 - New generation of roller screen;

- M7 i-19 and M7-A29 – Coatings for slide rails and drop bars for indurating furnaces;

- Revised design of vacuum disc filters – Lower cost design;

- Coatings for graphite rotor used on aluminum smelter degassing equipment;

- M7 D-330 coating for belt conveyor idler rolls;  

The strategic plan of Metal 7 confirms that in three years 20 % of total sales will come from new products.  The R&D / Engineering group of Metal 7 focus on this objective and resources are allocated to reach this goal.