Specialized green pellets belt conveyors

Many belt conveyors are found in an iron ore pelletizing plant.  Metal 7 focus on the ones interacting with its roller screen/roller feeder, which are the following:

-    Wide belt conveyor;

-    Oversize pellets reject conveyor;

-    Fines/undersize pellets reject conveyor.

The wide belt conveyor is the large belt conveyor located in between the pellet distribution mechanism (oscillating, reciprocating or shuttle belt conveyor) and the roller feeder.  It has more or less the same width as the roller feeder and the furnace grate.

The oversize pellets reject conveyor picks up the pellets that are bigger than the required size of the pellets (for instance + 16 mm).  It is usually located at the discharge end of the roller screen or the discharge end of the upper deck in the cases of the double deck or triple deck roller feeder.

The fines/undersize pellets reject conveyor would be located under the roller screen of the balling lines and under the roller feeder.  It takes the smaller pellets, pellet fragments and dust and it discharge them on the return conveyors bringing them back to the balling devices.

Metal 7 offers all those belt conveyors as part of its comprehensive solution for the screening of the green iron ore pellets.  They are designed to optimize the capacity within the room available.  We pay also special attention on the drop heights to avoid breakage of good pellets, in the case of the wide belt conveyor, or formation of dust, in the case of the other reject product conveyors.   Our conveyors are reliable and maximise equipment availability.

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