Skimming Spoon

Liquid cast iron is also used in Aluminum smelter to seal/attach the large anodes on their support (support is called “hexapodes”).  Small oven are used to melt the cast iron at over 900 deg C. 

It is required to remove the dross containing the impurities which are forming on the top of the oven.  Operators use spoons/shovels to remove the dross.  In most cases it is done manually with the operator standing as close as possible to the oven.

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Metal 7 is one of Canada's biggest players in the metallic and ceramic coating field. Thanks to its leading expertise, the company stands out from its competitors by proposing extremely sophisticated, high-performance solutions. This competitive edge allows the company to thrive on the international market. The products manufactured in its workshops are used in nearly fifty plants in 20 countries, on all five continents. Metal 7 exports over 70% of its annual production outside Canada.

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