Surface coating expertise

Metal 7 acquired its first thermal spraying equipment in 1978.  In the last 40 years, it has continuously invested in this field to become one of the largest thermal spraying operations in North America.

In few words, thermal spraying is a process consisting of applying metallic, ceramic or non-metallic materials on a substrate in order to obtain a surface coating.  The coating objective is the enhancement of the physical and mechanical properties of the base material.  

Many types of material can be applied by thermal spraying. The selection of the coating will depend on the desired properties of the surface.


How does thermal spray work?   

Regardless of the technique used, the principle of thermal spraying remains the same.

Advantages of thermal spraying: 

Thermal spraying provides great flexibility regardingthe types of materials applied. It increases the surface properties in various ways and it addresses a multitude of industrial problems. It is also possible to combine various types of material to obtain complementary properties such as, for example, a wear-resistant and self-lubricating coating or liquid metal protection with no-stick properties.